Rehearsals Resume!

After thirteen (13!) months, The Allentown Band has resumed rehearsals on Tuesday April 20. As director Ron Demkee noted in a memo on Wednesday, "It was wonderful seeing many [band members], safely distanced, at our first rehearsal in 13 months! Thanks to Christ Church for making this possible.  Really looking forward to getting back to full strength and in-person concerts coming this summer."

Strict safety protocols are being followed. Initial rehearsals are limited to musicians playing the upcoming May concerts. After 45 minutes, a break of 30 minutes is enforced to allow the air in the space to turn over completely. Brass instruments are using bell covers, and all musicians are using towels or pads to control moisture.

Live concerts are about to start, too! In May, South Whitehall Township is sponsoring Mothers Day and Memorial Day concerts. Instead of these concerts being staged at the Springhouse Middle School, The Allentown Band is appearing at the beautiful Covered Bridge Park by Wehr's Bridge, in the afternoon.

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